Painting is the basis of everything I do.

I often paint a subject to study it and as the painting process progresses new ideas flow for a lino cut as well. The mediums echo each other but are also very different when viewed together. 

I choose my subjects by my daily reactions to stimulus I see around me , whether it is a seascape,storm clouds,tree or a interior wall with still life, they all are in my daily life in some way or another.

Often when driving around the Mornington Peninsula I will pull over to capture a small something that catches my eye.It could be a colour of a car, shadows on the ground or a moody sea,to this I often add a note on my phone and try to be accurate with my descriptions as I confess I have read notes I have written and have had to try to decode them,I am sure that the notes  made perfect sense at the time I wrote them !!

I paint in oils on canvas and I love this medium . The smells fills the studio with a familiar comforting odor that to me feels like home. I will always have a few works on the go at one time so as I can move from one to the other when I need a change .